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If you aren’t sure about your editing needs, or if you’re seeking guidance on navigating the often confouding process of publishing a book, set up a consultation. We’ll analyze your project in detail, discuss your goals, set a plan for meeting them, and offer advice such as how to outline and draft a book, compose a query letter or proposal, find an agent, and more.  

Manuscript editing:

Primary:  A concise and instructive assessment concerning the fundamental components of your manuscript, such as voice and style, structure, plot and pacing, thematic development, characterization, dialogue, and more. This may be most helpful to writers who have completed an early draft of a manuscript and are seeking direction for the revision process, or to writers who have received a fair amount of feedback about their mansucript but are feeling stuck, or to writers simply seeking a fresh perspective from someone whose ex once told her she was rigorous as hell. It wasn’t a compliment, but she was flattered nonetheless.

  • A lengthy and comprehensive written assessment to guide the revision process
  • Broad margin comments to point out discrete issues
  • A phone conference to discuss the assessment and next steps

Intensive: An assessment (as described above) as well as a sentence-by-sentence edit of your manuscript to highlight and correct minute issues, such as chapter structure, syntax, inconsistency, tense agreement, and more. This package is best for writers who have already completed a substantial revision and are seeking assistance polishing their voice and style, or for writers who have revised to the point of revulsion, or for those who simply relish the agony and satisfaction of producing a perfect sentence. 

  • A lengthy and comprehensive written assessment to guide the revision process
  • Extensive margin comments to point out discrete issues
  • Line edits to elevate each sentence
  • Correspondence during the revision process

Other editorial services:

Query letter editing
Proposal editing
Copy editing

Marketing consulting:

Call us old-fashioned, but we are largely unmoved by much of the publishing industry’s brand identity and title-specific digital marketing strategies. Readers find books through myriad, wonderful, inscrutable ways, often through means unfriendly to the analysis of metrics like page views, impressions, and conversions. We’ve developed the brand identity and digital marketing strategy in-house at both independent and legacy publishing houses, and helped to situate several titles on the New York Times Best Seller list. Our team has designed effective marketing campaigns for individual titles, orchestrated numerous sold-out readings and events, executed a three-day literary arts festival, and established new avenues for publishers to connect with readers. Whether you’re a publisher, editor, writer, or agent, we can help get your next book in front of new audiences and form lasting relationships between writers, readers, and books.  

Work with us: hello@hag.fish