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Forgiving Imelda Marcos by Nathan Go (2023)

Austral by Carlos Fonseca, translated by Megan McDowell (2023)

Evil Flowers by Gunnhild Øyehaug, translated by Kari Dickson (2023)

Toad by Katherine Dunn; foreword by Molly Crabapple (2022)

The Age of Goodbyes by Li Zi Shu; translated by YZ Chin (2022)

Maybe We’ll Make It by Margo Price (2022)

I Was the President’s Mistress!! by Miguel Syjuco (2022)

Meet Us by the Roaring Sea by Akil Kumarasamy (2022)

Call Me Cassandra by Marcial Gala; translated by Anna Kushner (2022)

Homeland: Two Decades of American Life Under the Department of Homeland Security
by The Verge (2022)

Present Tense Machine by Gunnhild Øyehaug, translated by Kari Dickson (2021)

Looking for the Good War by Elizabeth D. Samet (2021)

I Live a Life Like Yours by Jan Grue, translated by B. L. Crook (2021)

The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Art Critic by Jessica Hopper; foreword by Sam Irby (2021) 

Mona by Pola Oloixarac, translated by Adam Morris (2021)

A Lonely Man by Chris Power (2021) 

You Will Never be Forgotten by Mary South (2020) 

High School by Tegan Quin & Sara Quin (2019)

Body Horror: Capitalism, Fear, Misogyny, Jokes by Anne Elizabeth Moore (2017)

Jillian by Halle Butler (2015)

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